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Trees for the Future

   City of West Hollywood

Cool Green Planting Projects

Tahoe Fire Reforestation - Lake Tahoe is on the border of California and Nevada, U.S.

Los Angeles Region - Urban "greening" and forest plantings.

Honduras Planting- Cool Green plants 4,000 trees in Spring.

Ethiopia Reforestation- Only 3% forest cover left, affecting resources, economy, food, and safety.
  Cool Green Fashion for Forest 2008
  August Bradley Peligrosa & Cool Green

The Eco-Connection
The atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) level is at 383 ppm today and rising at about 2 ppm per year...

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  CG Eco-Wear Weely
This week: "Organic Clothing"

This week features articles from Cool Green contributors Michael Lackman of Lotus Organics and designer Daniel Vosovic.



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    You & The Environment
The biggest things you can do to affect the climate and reduce your carbon footprint.

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